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Galaxy 2GLX 1/4HP-220V

Rocket Pumps – Submersible borehole Pumps – Water pumps- Galaxy 2-inch Rocket Pumps.

Diameter: 2 inch

Electricity supply: 220V ; 1Fa

Capacity: 1/4HP

Capacity: Structure: stainless steel pump body, plastic wings, brass pump head.


Saving up to 25% on electricity

Hotline: 1900 066 667

Galaxy rocket pumps 2GLX 1/4HP-220V Diameter: 2 inches PVC swingwheel with brass stand

Type of wingsCapacitySewer PipesWater-flow and pressure
2GLX – 1/261/4HP – 220V0.18KWØ210.4m³/25m0.8m³/16m1.0m³/7m


– Components are imported and assembled at Tan Huynh Chau Co., Ltd

– The pump body is made of 304 stainless steel

– The modern technology and saving-electricity engine.

– The pump wings are made of industrial plastic yarns

– Durable, friendly and safe for the user

Structure and packaging:

– Consists of 2 parts: Electric motor and pump motor are assembled into the machine.

– Diameter of pump body: 50.8 mm

– The length of the pump body depends on capacity and pump motor.

– Packaged by thick and durable carton.

Operating conditions of Galaxy rocket pumps:

– Clean water, solids with a particle diameter is not greater than 0.5 mm

– Temperature is below <40 ° C. PH concentration is from 6.5 → 8.5

– Wells with a diameter of 114 or more

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