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Useful information when using borehole pumps

 Whether you use any type of machine, such as a borehole pump, you probably already have questions about which problems you may be experiencing during the time they are used. Is not it?

 In problems with borehole pumps, Tan Huynh Chau found that customers often encounter sand problems that affect the operation of borehole pumps. So why is this happening so often?

 One reason you might have guessed is that if you want to drill a well, you have to drill to a certain geological level to get water. This geological layer usually contains a lot of rock and sand, usually located at a depth of 40m to 120m or deeper depending on the terrain of each region.

 That is the reason why it is inevitable that the sand is still in the water. So to avoid this situation, you need to: Buy a good quality borehole pump and at the first operation you must let the machine operate continuously for 10 minutes that you just let the expansion valve open . As such, the sand still appears but will not cause overloading for the pump motor while also protecting the pump. At the end of the process, you open the valve until clear water is pumped up.

 Besides, you need to know how to protect the parts of the borehole pump:

   - For protection of pump temperature:

 If you purchase advanced pumps that already have a built-in thermal sensor, it's safe to rely on them to protect the engine from overheating. This thermal sensor will help to reduce the rotational speed of the motor if the temperature of the machine reaches the threshold of 80 ° C, from which the power consumption and pump temperature will also decrease. If the temperature of the machine is still unstable, the sensor will cause the pump to stop and restart itself.

  - For machine protection when overloading:

 Currently, borehole pumps which are manufactured exclusively by reputable brands always have a built-in function with the ability to slow down when overloaded to save power.

  - For protection of the pump when the well is dry:

 If you start the machine and you do not see the water running out, then stop refilling and check the water source.

 And if you buy pumps that are not used immediately, when using them after a long period of time, you need to check whether the screws have any rust or lightning, and then check the wires of cables, and mesh, ...

 As above, Tan Huynh Chau has just shared useful information to customers, so when there is a need to use borehole pumps, call or come directly to the company for devoted advice with the favorable price.

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