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THC VietNam Group produces the most prestigious rocket pumps

 Today, people have learned how to exploit deep- underground water for their daily activities through wells. As water sources in the dug wells are more and more contaminated, the underground water resources will ensure our safety both in quantity and quality, in some cases we have to use some chemical or physical methods to remove impurities from the water.

 Differences in how water is taken from dug wells and wells are: In dug wells, only simple tools such as plastic buckets or buckets with a rope can be easily used. As for wells, we have to use the types of the water suction to be able to absorb water at depths from a few dozen meters up and use.

 However, the underground water level is too deep at over 100 meters, it is not possible to apply a horizontal pump to absorb water, which requires the use of high capacity pumps such as vertical rocket water pumps for absorbing water and using. So what is the rocket pump? And How is it special to absorb water from such a depth?

1) What is a rocket pump?

 Rocket pumps are also known as submersible borehole pumps, deep-suction pumps, etc. This is specialized equipment used to collect underground water from the wellhead in a great depth. The rocket pump looks like a missle or rocket head so it has a name like that. Equipment should be immersed deep in the ground from wellheads.

2) When will the rocket pumps be used?

 As mentioned above, the wells used for household usually have small depth and diameter of wells, so centrifugal pumps can be used to draw water. However, for the industrial wells, which are used to exploit large amounts of water supplying to a large number of users, such as industrial parks, factories, and apartment buildings… it is necessary to use the wells with large diameter and great depth to obtain large amounts of water.

 With such wells, common centrifugal pumps cannot be used, instead, The rocket pumps are used. This type of pump is specially designed to allow to sink in the deep wells and push water upward due to centrifugal force, thus achieving the required pressure and flow.

 Rocket pumps will be used for wells with diameters larger than 4 inches (about 90 mm) and depths greater than 10 meters. These are considered as industrial wells.

3) Best Seller of Rocket Pumps:

 In the present market of water pumps, there are a lot of poor quality products, they are duplicated with pump products of the reputable brands. This does harm to many customers when choosing to buy fake goods.

 Understanding the worry and the loss of the customers when having the false choice of fake and poor quality products, THC VietNam Group will ensure the absolute quality for each pump product for customers when coming our company. We are proud to be the manufacturer and distributor of Vietnam's leading quality pumps.

 THC VietNam Group recruits distributors, agents and stores around the nation, please contact us via the hotline for a favorable quotation of GALAXY water pumps, LISHIBA water pumps,  DONGYIN submersible electric water pumps... from the sales staff of Tan Huynh Chau Company. We are very pleased to serve you.

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