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Rocket water pumps and submersible electric water pumps

 For the present life, borehole water pumps have become and are becoming machines which play a very important role. With the demand of living, irrigation, or households, industrial activities or agriculture in our country, the borehole water pump is always the choice of many people. So depending on the environmental conditions and the water source you want to exploit, you will have the criteria to choose the suitable water pump.

  Nowadays, when talking about the water pump series, there are two main types of pumps: submersible borehole pumps and submersible electric pumps.

  With the needs of using pumps for households or individuals, Tan Huynh Chau recommends using a 2-inch, 2.5-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch mini-pump. Because in this case, there are usually no too many requirements in capacity or water flow, so mini-pumps will be more suitable.

  With demand for irrigation in agriculture, water supply for industrial plants, Tan Huynh Chau recommends using a 4-inch borehole pump with a capacity of at least 4.0HP or 6 inch and 8 inch borehole pumps. Because in agriculture and industry, it will be required about capacity or water flow to meet the demand for water.

  The remaining pump series are submersible electric pumps, which are suitable for civil, agricultural or industrial purposes using dug wells, artificial lakes, rivers, etc. Like rocket pumps, submersible mini-pumps are used for households and livings. The submersible pumps with large capacity are used to serve in the industry and agriculture. With eye-catching and compact design with antioxidant material and 25% power saving, we believe that Tan Huynh Chau electric pump is your best choice.

  THC VietNam Group recruits distributors, agents and stores around the nation, please contact us via the hotline for a favorable quotation of GALAXY water pumps, LISHIBA water pumps,  DONGYIN submersible electric water pumps... from the sales staff of Tan Huynh Chau Company. We are very pleased to serve you.

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