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Important parameters of borehole pumps

 Talking about borehole pumps, it has to be admitted that they have too many applications in human life.

 In addition to providing clean water for daily lives, it also provides water for the irrigation system, or for housing, hospitals, or facilities which need water treatment with a deep-undergrounded pumping function. And because of their various usages, people use them a lot, however, not everyone can understand clearly the most essential characteristics of borehole pumps in particular, or any kinds of water pump in general to be able to select, operate, or inspect machinery properly.

 And if you are also not very knowledgeable about borehole pumps, let Tan Huynh Chau help you with technical issues as well as their characteristics through this article.

  - Firstly, when it comes to a borehole pump, people are more likely to care about the capacity of the pump: this number usually comes in units of Watt or HP, which represents the productivity and strength of the pump.

  - Next you need to pay attention to the water flow of the pump: this is the parameter that shows us the amount of water that pumps up in a certain time, measured in cubic meter per hour or measured in liter / min. If you pay attention, you also see a symbol on the machine that is Qmax, which means the maximum flow that the pump is, in addition, the flow of water is affected by other factors such as the height of the well, Flow rate of water, or pump power, ...

  - As mentioned above, the height factor is equally important: the manufacturer's specifications have a H sign, that is, the height of the water level. There is also a machine line with sign “Hmax” , or “Total H”, which represent the height of the pumping water that can be pumped up vertically. However, you should also deduct 30% of the number that the manufacturer writes, as usually only 70% maximum, so you should be based on the height of the well you plan to use the pump for choosing a pump that pumps water up accordingly.

  - Another parameter is the rotation speed of the borehole pump: This parameter indicates the actual number of revolutions per minute, and is in  the unit of rpm. (Means round per minute).

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