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Common problems with borehole pumps

 Borehole pumps are used as a specialized machinery for the exploitation of groundwater circuits with circular cylindrical structures and very compact sizes.

 Therefore, the borehole pumps are widely used in areas where the demand for clean water is indispensable such as factories, processing plants, residential areas, apartment buildings or homes. And of course when you use the pump, it is possibly likely to encounter troubles.

 Tan Huynh Chau understands your difficulties so we will mention the common mistakes or problems that come with it as well as the way to overcome them when encountered. Please follow:

 During the process you use the borehole pump, you may encounter the following problems:

  1. Water cannot be achieved by the following three basic causes.
  • The first may be due to low water level below the well, so you need to pump lower than the groundwater level.
  • Another possible cause is the ability of the wings to rotate, resulting in water failure.
  • The last cause may be that the screen is blocked or sealed by dust or something, so you should also remove the pump and then clean the screen or replace it if necessary.
  1. The power consumption of the borehole pumps is too high for the following three reasons.
  • The first is that the working wheel has been rubbed into the pump housing and the way to solve this situation is to adjust the distance of the working wheel.
  • The second is due to the fact that in the water pumped up is mixed with sandy soils, which leads to the power consumption and the remedy is that you need to lock the unimportant valves or rinse wells.
  • Finally, it is possible that the drive shaft has been damaged so you need to replace or re-insert the drive.
  1. The third problem is that the water flow of the pump is reduced: in this case it is necessary to check the parts of the pump for damages or repair or replacement. And if it will work properly, lower the pump further.
  2. The borehole pump does not have enough pressure, one is due to the tube is broken, two is due to the influence of the working wheels and the way to overcome, the same as above, is to remove the machine to test, then clean and repair it.

 As above are common problems that you have encountered during the use of borehole pumps, so Tan Huynh Chau has taken and shared with you. And if you want to own a quality borehole pump, please contact with Tan Huynh Chau company for more information!

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