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Warranty Policies

We provide service full packages or partial service for professional water pump systems: Consultation & Equipment Supply - Installation & Maintenance.

Tan Huynh Chau has training programs and professional technical staff to ensure all services: Survey - Consultation - Installation - Warranty for the best quality.

Consultation & Supplying Equipment:

Tan Huynh Chau has well-knowledge about the products and needs of our customers to provide a comprehensive solution for water pump systems and related equipment.

Free warranty service:

We provide warranty service at home for residential customers in Ho Chi Minh City and for industrial-agricultural projects in neighboring provinces.

With customers in other provinces and cities, we will have a warranty at the office in Ho Chi Minh City and the authorized service stations.

  • You only need to send your product to the passenger bus to Ho Chi Minh City. We will pick your product up at the bus stations for warranty.
  • We will inform you what the problems of your product are, how long to fix it. Then proceed to fix as quickly as possible and re-delivery to customer.
  • If the problem of the product is due to production, we will pay for all shipping charges.
  • If the problem of the product is not due to production, we will inform you about your warranty & shipping costs.

Warranty Period & Responsibility:

  • Warranty of product which the problem is due to production will be within 12 months.
  • The product is within the warranty period, warranty card will be issued by Tan Huynh Chau and filled out.
  • Install and use according to instructions.
  • Warranty is chargeable for cases out of other free warranty conditions which are mentioned above.

Installation and maintenance services:

  • Installation & maintenance services will be provided by Tan Huynh Chau or authorized representatives of Tan Huynh Chau depending on the area or size of the project.
  • The service charge will be included if you request Tan Huynh Chau to provide full packages of installation and maintenance.

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