HOTLINE: 1900 066 667
(Monday to Saturday: 7h30 - 17h)
Address: 31B Nguyen Van Bua Ap 5
Xuan Thoi Son, Hoc Mon, TP.HCM ENG

Policies and regulations

Payment policy:

Customers pay immediately when purchasing products of the company at agents and distributors across the country.

Complaint handling policy:

- Receive all complaints of customers related to the use of the services of the company.

- All warranties, you can contact us for warranty procedures.

- The time limit for resolution of complaints is within 03 (three) working days from the date of receiving the customer's complaint. In case of force majeure, negotiation between two sides will be proceeded.

Shipping and delivery policy:

Products of our company can be shipped nationwide.

Customers contact us via 0837138059 or email: for shipping details.

Exchange and refund guidance:

The case is permitted to exchange or refund

- Product which is permitted to exchange or refund is a technically-defective product in a month. It is acceptable in case of  non-stamped or damaged box. The product is not distorted and deformed.

The product is defective

Please check the product before payment. In case the product is damaged during transportation, please refuse and return the product to us.

The product cannot be operated immediately upon delivery

Firstly, take the time to read carefully the manual instructions and make sure the product fits your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately for assistance.

Product delivered not according to the order

You think the product delivered to you does not match the order? Please contact us as soon as possible, our system will check whether your item has been wrongly sent. In that case, we will replace the item you requested (when available).

Conditions for exchange or refund of goods:

Terms of exchange/refund time: within 1 month from receiving goods and you must contact us immediately via phone number to confirm the refund of goods.

Condition for exchange/refund of goods:

- The refunded product must remain intact.

- Warranty card (if any) and the stamp of the company on the product are intact.

Exchange/Refund process:

Step 1: Please check carefully before receiving the products. If there are any problems, please contact our Customer Support Center at the time the delivery officer is still there.

- In case of after the delivery staff has gone - If you want to exchange or refund the products, you can contact us to be processed and to have an appointment date for exchange/refund.

Step 2: Next, the customer support center will inform you about the appointment date for exchange and refund.

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