HOTLINE: 1900 066 667
(Thứ 2 - Thứ 7: 7h30 - 17h)
Địa chỉ: 31B Nguyễn Văn Bứa Ấp 5
Xuân Thới Sơn, Hóc môn, TP.HCM


To help more about Tan Huynh Chau's products, please contact us via phone 1900 066 667 or fill out the form on the left. 

We are committed to protecting customer information provided through online queries appropriately, as well as segment information and answer questions on security between the client and us. 

The provision of information to the outside will only be made upon request of the authorities, and in accordance with the legal provisions of the Republic of socialist Vietnam. We only use customer information to provide services, advice and guidance on products, our services.

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