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Notes when installing borehole pumps in industry

 The main purpose of borehole pumps is the application in the industrial sector. Because the borehole pump series supplied by Tan Huynh Chau Company have a large water flow, high pressure head and a variety of capacities, it is suitable for activities requiring large amount of clean water or requiring big wells. That is why in the industry we cannot use common centrifugal pumps or water pumps, we have to use borehole pumps.

 Submersible pumps and borehole pumps all have long pillars and a diameter of from 4 to 8 inches for customers to choose from. As the same with water pumps put in the land, this type of submersible water pumps operates on the principle of suction and centrifugal force, so they have many multiple layers of pumping wings along the pump body for easily transfering the pump to the elevated position. However, with such a special working environment, what are the conditions of installation? Or what are things we have to pay attention to? Please take your time with Tan Huynh Chau to learn through the following information.

  Conditions for installing borehole pumps in industry:

  • The well has to meet the fully-submersible depth of water up to 150 meters from the static water level.
  • Make sure that the water in the industrial well is clean and free of sand or any other waste to limit the damage to the pump.

  Pay attention to the following when you want to install borehole water pumps in industry:

  • Absolutely disconnect all power from the pump if you want to implement any operation, it is even installation or inspection, maintenance.
  • During the installation of the borehole pump, you should be careful not to damage the cable because protecting the cables is very important.
  • When you want to lift the pump up from the bottom of the well or lower the pump from the top, you should not only use the power cord directly but you also have to prepare a piece of cable with appropriate length to do this work.
  • Periodically check the parts or specifications that the manufacturer or distributor recommends.
  • Make sure that while the pump is working, the motor must be completely immersed in the water to cool the engine and do not cause the engine to burn.

 Through what Tan Huynh Chau has guided, we hope you can find appropriate industrial water pumps as well as have good knowledge about how to install this pump. If you have questions or need to order, just contact us, you will be surprised by both the quality and services that we bring to you.

 THC VietNam Group recruits distributors, agents and stores around the nation, please contact us via the hotline for a favorable quotation of GALAXY water pumps, LISHIBA water pumps,  DONGYIN submersible electric water pumps... from the sales staff of Tan Huynh Chau Company. We are very pleased to serve you.

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