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Notes on the preparation and installation of rocket pumps

 It may be that at the first time to install rocket pumps, you will have many questions about both the preparation and installation techniques. If you are also wondering the same and do not know how to manage the installation of the rocket pumps in the most proper way, Tan Huynh Chau hopes that this article and other articles that Tan Huynh Chau has shared can help you. For this article, we will provide you information about preparation and the way to set up properly as well. And you can completely assured that the above information has been consulted through a team of engineers with deep knowledge of the rocket pump series.

 Firstly, if you had wells with the diameter ranging from 90mm to 180mm, depending on the different sizes of diameters, you choose the type of rocket pump size. By the way, Tan Huynh Chau also introduces that in the present market, the rocket pump series are divided into different types of pump sizes: 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch.

 Here we will go through the methods to prepare equipment, supplies and how to install rocket pumps:

   + For equipment and supplies, you need:

 About water pipe, you should invest all kinds of pipe suitable for the diameter of the outlet pipe of the pump you choose, should not choose a pipe with the diameter which is much smaller than the diameter of the outlet pipe of the pump, and do not choose the too big one as well, ... As for the pipe material you can choose PVC pipe, HDPE pipes, ... are fine.

 A separatedly controling cabinet for rocket water pumps should be installed.

 Besides, there are also one-way valves, couplings, waterproofing (if necessary), wrapping tape, and other attachments depending on how you want to install.

  + After preparation, we go into the process of installation:

 To install a rocket water pump under a well, basic installation tasks such as linking wires and screws to connect the engine and the rocket pump chamber are required.

 Then install the cable into the machine and slowly release the rocket pump to the well.

 When the machine is running, check the water flow and the stability of the power supply.

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