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How to maintain the rocket pump motors

 In fact, the lifespan of any electric motors depends on two main factors: the quality of the equipment and the operation process of the engine. So do rocket pumps. Despite modern and high-quality pumps, the using process requires users to grasp technical requirements as well as have a high level of expertise.

 Because the rocket pump is a large-capacity machine, the restoration and repairing process need to meet the requirements to avoid accidents and major damages.

  Operator's duties:

  • Check the temperature of the engine when the equipment is operating.
  • Check the control system and supplying voltage.
  • Use an ammeter to check engine power.
  • Implement strictly, rigorously and regularly in the maintenance phases.
  • Clean carefully the outside of the electric motor.

  The work of restoring a rocket engine includes:

  • Clean carefully the outside of the engine after the pump has been pulled up.
  • Check the electrical system and resistors of the motor.
  • Clean the sand and mud inside the engine with another pump.
  • Check and tighten the bolts and screws.
  • Check and clean the electrical contacts, if necessary, tighten to ensure good contact.
  • Check the bearings in the rocket pump motor.
  • Adjust and inspect electrical equipments used for protection.
  • After about 4000 hours of operation, towing the motor up for maintenance should be carried out.

  Preserve the engine of the rocket pump in storage:

 Warehouses should have a roof without leaks in case of rains and avoiding from the direct sunlight, have high floor or ceiling to put the machine, closed doors and pipes for ventilation, ...

 Avoid from placing the machine in areas with a base, sulfur, acid or dusty environment.

 Inspect the pump regularly even though the machine was brought into storage. This step should be taken before and after stocking. Technical staff of Tan Huynh Chau rocket pump distributor company are always ready to support customers when choosing to buy our products.

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