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How to maintain the pump properly

 Pump is a powerful tool for water supply, as the same as other equipment, water pumps are not difficult to use but proper pump maintenance is not yet known by everyone. For lasting the longevity of the pump and helping the pump work more efficiently, the pump should be maintained properly during use. This article will help you have some more knowledge on how to maintain pump properly. Understanding the specific features of each pump will help you to use them more effectively.

  • When installing the borehole pump, check that the pump is working well before dropping it into the well. The well must be cleaned from sand and grit to avoid damaging the pump. Install full of equipment to protect pumps such as Cabinet, Capa, water pipe valves ....
  • For sewage-suctioning submersible pumps, sludge after use should be cleaned to avoid erosion due to waste, dirt sticking long in the pump.
  • Depending on the function of each type of pump, we use them efficiently. For instance, clean-water pump cannot be used to pump waste water or corrosive-containing water, which will make the pump deteriorate quickly.
  • Periodically remove the pump for maintenance and check if the motor is broken, accessories are still good or not.

Why should you maintain the pump periodically?

 Using and maintenance are two tasks that go hand in hand with each other, as a way to use pumps in a long term. The above mentioned is the proper ways of maintaining the pump, which will help us to protect our pumps well, help them to operate effectively and safely.

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