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Advantages of the LISHIBA borehole water pumps

 Tan Huynh Chau Company specializes in supplying, distributing exclusively high-quality borehole water pumps with brands such as Lishiba, Galazy, Zipump, ...

 Among the borehole pumps mentioned above, each line has its own strengths and advantages, but for today's article, Tan Huynh Chau will describe the Lishiba submersible pumps in detail for you.

 LISHIBA Borehole pumps are exclusive products with perfect mechanical structure and durability. The Lishiba borehole pumps (also known as the Lishiba rocket pumps) are manufactured by using the best materials and modern manufacturing technology to maximize pump efficiency and have the best quality.

Our Lishiba borehole pumps can not only save energy consumed by the machine but also are convenient for exploiting clean water for agriculture and livings.

 When it comes to LISHIBA borehole pumps, you cannot ignore the following strengths:

  • Lishiba borehole pumps with PVC Wings – the multi-stage stainless Steel Wings - Stainless Steel Wing.
  • The pump body is all made of 304 stainless steel so it can withstand very well in the corrosive working environment by underground chemicals, as well as by the erosion of solid objects moving in the water..
  • The pump is designed with filters at the inlet to help prevent solids or waste from penetrating into the pump.
  • Easy to install or move.
  • New technology and power-saving engine.
  • The pumping wings are made of industrial plastic yarn (PVC wings).
  • The pumping wings are made of 304 stainless steel. (multi-stage stainless steel wings).
  • Durable, friendly and safe for the user.

 THC VietNam Group recruits distributors, agents and stores around the nation, please contact us via the hotline for a favorable quotation of GALAXY water pumps, LISHIBA water pumps,  DONGYIN submersible electric water pumps... from the sales staff of Tan Huynh Chau Company. We are very pleased to serve you.

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